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“First time to know how to save life in the future and be able to experienced it in training” – Gladys O.

“Enjoyed the class and left much more knowledgable.” – Joe F.

“The course was ran efficiently with a lot of learning and positive attitudes. ” – Michael F.

“Great instructor! Overall, A+! I would recommend this class to family and friends.” – Nicole S.

“Overall good experience. Instructor was very through with the material would defiantly recommend taking this course !!” – Victoria C.

“Training center was very convenient to reach. Carlos was a great instructor. I would definitely use them again.” – Linda O.

“The instructors did a great job clearly stating everything that was vital and important. I left feeling much more confident in my skills.” – Suzanne Z.

“Life saver was a great informative family and friends class, perfect for what we needed. Our instructor was great and focused on what we were hoping to get out of the class. Would highly recommend them!” – Erinn H. 

“2 Thumbs Up, Great experience!” – Rachel M.

“Positive and learned a lot.” – Rebecca S.

“Great course and instructor. Kept it interesting.” – Mary P.

“These guys are the best. They are reliable. The class was simple and easy to understand. The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful in answering questions. This class is well recommended!” – Leo S.

“it was very informative and it allowed me to earn a physical experience as well.” – Passion D.

“loved the class very understanding the instructor was very nice and explained the class step by step instructor was very helpful with all questions ….” – Lakeya J.

“Life Saver Training is the best company. When I called them, they exactly knew what type of class I needed and provided me with tons of information. They even emailed me at 1:00am when I emailed them at 12:33am. I spoke with Mr.Arpino a lot , he is truly amazing. I noticed that there pricing was higher than some of the other compaines but realized that the other other compaines were not offering American Heart Association , which by law , my company needs. Each student received their certification card right after the class and my employees actually enjoyed the class instead of complaining. If you don’t hire this company , your are making the BIGGEST mistake of your life. I have been in business for many years and wish I could have the relationship I had with Life Saver Training with every vendor. I already set up 3 more classes with Life Saver Training. Also , I must add, Life Saver Training automatically will notify when my employees CPR cards are about to expire, this saves me a huge amount of time.” – John P.

“We had a first aide training.
The training was very good, the trainer new all about the different topics and was able to relate to every day senerio’s.
We had good discussions.
The hands on piece was good and if it could be expanded that would be great.
Thank you – John Giordano

“Extremely informative and well-executed! Thank you!” Webb Institute.

Great – Mike

“Very clear and helpful class. It was beneficial being able to learn and then practice hands on after!” Jillian D.

“Great lecturer, good examples, explained everything precisely” John F.

“Matthew was great, very thorough and made sure you were understanding content of class” Lori E.

Clear and concise information. Excellent skills demonstrated – Melissa S.

Great class both interesting and enjoyable. Very knowledgeable and friendly instructors. – Camie S.

“Great instruction as usual. Learnt new updates needed for future instructions. Danke schon! Muchas gracias! Merci beaucoup! Thanks a lot!” – Devon L.

“Amazing company. My employees actually enjoyed the class !” – John G.

“The instructor Matthew was very prompt on time and made sure all the information provided via videos was understood before moving onto the next topic the video covered.” – Melodie

“The best place to take CPR. Life Saver Training teaches you everything, but in a fun way!!” – Dan

“We learned friends and family CPR. Instructor came to our house. We feel safer now with a 6 year old and a pool. Excellent service!! ” – Christine

“I was nervous to take the BLS course but the instructor instantly made me feel really comfortable and assured me that by the end of the class I would know exactly what I was doing. We watched the videos the AHA provided and the instructor explained the videos thoroughly but simply. I was fully prepared for the skills and written test that was at the end of the course. The experience was made not only bearable but actually enjoyable.” – Danielle

“Matt and his assistant instructors did an excellent job instructing the BLS for Healthcare Providers class in both an informative and concise manner while maintaining a light and friendly atmosphere. If I need to take further classes in the future, I would certainly take them with him again. The location of the class could have been described better. The “dot com” sign on the building was the only helpful identifier, as the building is not “pink” (it’s a sun-bleached dingy peach at best). Perhaps a sign stating “BLS/CPR Classes Here” with an arrow would be a better descriptor (and a good investment). The building is on Jerusalem avenue just north of Hicksville Station – an important distinction to make, because a GPS will tell you that the address given (4 Jerusalem Ave) is incorrectly located in the plaza south of the station.” – Elliot


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