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About Us

Life Saver Training, Inc. is an authorized provider for the American Heart Association and offer American Heart Association CPR and First Aid Training to healthcare providers, community, and workplace-based rescuers throughout New York. Have a look around or use the class schedule to register for the course that best suits you.

The most popular American Heart Association Classes:

BLS Provider (BLS for Healthcare Provider)
Individuals (during school and after school) such as EMTs, PAs, Nurses, Dentists, Physicians, Hematologists, Pharmacists, Lifeguards, Paramedics, PTs, OTs, and other allied healthcare providers are likely required to be certified in BLS.

Heartsaver CPR AED / Heartsaver First Aid
Designed for Teachers, Coaches, Fitness pros, Daycare providers, Parents, Camp counselors, Construction, Daycare and Nursery Schools, and other caring citizens.

To view all of the American Heart Association classes we offer, click here.

Here’s why many of our students chose to get trained by us:

Life Saver Training, Inc. has trained thousands of students in CPR and First Aid. The BLS Provider course (formerly known as the BLS For Healthcare Provider Course) is one of our most popular classes and we have trained many healthcare professionals in BLS. We also have experience in training large institutions such as universities, hospitals, home health care agencies, assisted living facilities, fitness gyms, and to many other companies and organizations. Click here to see what previous students have to say about our services.

Life Saver Training, Inc.’s staff of certified American Heart Association instructors includes Doctors, Nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics that are considered to be experts in their field and have years of experience in emergency care and pre-hospital care settings. This brings real-life experience into the classroom while employing the latest methods of teaching.

Life Saver Training, Inc. employs a “back to basics” approach through video instruction with a focus on a “watch then practice” format. Video instruction has been proven to enhance learning. As a result, training is consistent and manikin practice time is increased. This method of teaching has resulted in better quality instruction and learning. That is why the American Heart Association requires this type of training.

Life Saver Training, Inc. offers the American Heart Association blended courses, which are completed in three parts. Blended learning is a combination of eLearning, in which a student completes part of the course in a self-directed manner online, followed by a hands-on session. The hands-on session is completed in person with an American Heart Association Instructor. Successful blended learning can reach students with varying learning styles and in different environments. It combines the flexibility of online training with skills practice and testing for CPR and other psychomotor skills.

Through our registration system, we can track student certifications and renewal dates.  Each student will receive an e-mail when their certification card is close to expiration so students can worry about their career while we worry about expiration dates. Additionally, we can process student replacement cards with ease.

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