• This page is for CPR/First Aid Instructors (AHA, ARC or ASHI).
  • To purchase ASHI cards, click here.

American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI):

General ASHI Information: Life Saver Training is an American Safety & Health Institute Training Center. Any AHA or ARC instructor can easily bridge over to be an ASHI Instructor and can align with Life Saver Training, Inc. Just like the AHA system, we are responsible as a training center for EVERY aligned ASHI instructor. Life Saver Training aligned ASHI instructors must get their certifications through our training center (click here for pricing). ASHI classes are becoming more popular for basic CPR/First Aid training because certifications are cheaper than the American Heart Association/American Red Cross. Please NOTE: ASHI BLS/ACLS classes are NOT widely accepted for healthcare professionals.

ASHI Portal / ASHI Course Video & Exams: All Life Saver Training, Inc. ASHI instructors have access to the ASHI portal (https://www.osmanager4.com/TLoginV2.aspx). This is where instructors find all class materials, including course videos, written exams, etc. Videos come at NO cost to the instructors! Instructors should have received login information to the portal with the letter they received via email which included the instructor card.


  1.  Access Your Enrollware Account: Go to https://www.enrollware.com/. Click on “client login”. Your username is “lst first initial last name” (unless you have been with us for a while, then your UN is what you think it is). EVERYONE’s password initially is ” lst54321 “. You may change your PW after you log in. UN example: Name: Matthew Arpino UN: lstmarpino PW: lst5432
  2. Upload Roster: On enrollware, click “schedule class” and fill out the class details. I only need names and emails for each student.
  3.  Submit Payment: To pay for the ASHI cards, please go to https://lifesavertraininginc.ecwid.com/

American Heart Association (AHA):

Life Saver Training, Inc. is an American Heart Association training SITE under Advance Training Center of Long Island, which is an American Heart Association training CENTER. We can only produce certifications IF the lead instructor is aligned with Advanced Training Center of Long Island AND if the lead instructor taught a class for a Life Saver Training, Inc client/class. Therefore, when we subcontract an AHA Instructor who is NOT aligned with Advanced Training Center, we will either have the lead instructor produce the cards through their own training center (we will cover the cost) OR have the instructor secondarily align with Advanced Training Center of LI.

American Red Cross (ARC):

Life Saver Training, Inc. is an American Red Cross Licensed Training Provider. AHA or ASHI instructors can easily bridge over to ARC. Unlike AHA or ASHI, ARC instructors get their cards directly through American Red Cross and not through us! However, ARC instructors must be aligned with an ARC licensed Training Provider or ARC Authorized Provider. There are three main ARC websites you should know:

  1. ARC Instructor Corner (www.instructorscorner.org). At this page, instructors can get all the resources they need to provide classes. This is ARC’s main instructor page.
  2. ARC Learning Center (https://classes.redcross.org/instructor). This is where instructors submit rosters and pay for cards.
  3. ARC Saba website (https://classes.redcross.org/Saba/Web/Main). This is where instructors can view and renew their ARC certifications, including ARC instructor certifications.
    1. ARC instructors must create an ARC saba account before making an instructor corner account and ARC learning center account.